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Shopping day 






“I hope so,” Ruby smiled. “Does your girlfriend do the sexy underwear thing for you?”

Merlin burst out laughing. “No, not really. She’s the shy type. We both are. So we’re not the kind to..do that stuff.” 

“That stuff?” Ruby grinned. “So you’re not very adventurous in the bedroom?”

“I’m very adventurous in the talking but other than that, no I’m not.” He smiled politely at her. 

She smiled back. “Whatever works for you then,” Ruby said, taking another drink of her smoothie. “As long as you and… your girlfriend are happy. What’s her name, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Merlin smiled. “I don’t mind at all. She’s called Gwen. And if you care, we are very happy and satisfied.”

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    He laughed and then sighed. “You’re probably right. But it’s really stupid.. Why do something just because it’s cool?...
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    Ruby nodded and went silent for a few moments. “So… What made you decide to buy a dress for your girlfriend?